A church with a heart for the community and a love for our Savior and His Word

We invite you to worship with us each Sunday morning at 10:45 am

Our Mission

To foster the spiritual growth of its members and visitors through worship, teaching, fellowship and shared service to God and humanity.


If you would like to donate money securely on-line click on the PayPal button below.  If you do not earmark a particular ministry, it will be added as a tithe or offering.

Prayer Request

If you or someone you know needs some extra blessing we would be happy to help. Just send us a prayer request by filling the form or by calling the Church directly.

Hymn Request

Which Hymns would you like to hear?

Please reference the list here and send in your request via the form on our Director of Music page.

Meet Our Pastor

Pastor Marc is originally from California but has also lived in New York in his youth, Central Washington, Hawaii and Idaho as an adult.  His childhood began in the San Fernando Valley area, in a small rural town, raised by parents whose ethnic backgrounds were very diverse (his mother being Spanish and his father being Hawaiian / Filipino / Caucasian) his pastoral… Read More »

Recent Sermons

Jan 8, 2023

Rev. Marc Uebelhardt, Pastor
‘’Take Care Brethren”