Our Pastor

Marc and Seonaid (Sheona) Uebelhardt

“Pastor Marc is originally from California but has also lived in New York in his youth, Central Washington, Hawaii and Idaho as an adult.  His childhood began in the San Fernando Valley area, in a small rural town, raised by parents whose ethnic backgrounds were very diverse (his mother being Spanish and his father being Hawaiian/Filipino/Caucasian).  His pastoral work has included serving in a position of senior pastor with churches in Cambridge, ID, Moses Lake, WA, on the Big Island of Hawaii, an outreach pastor with rescue missions on the west coast and a chaplain with elderly through Hospice & the motion picture industry.  His wife, Seonaid, born to Scottish immigrants, is from a small rural town in Australia and spent parts of her youth in Toronto, Canada and Scotland.  She has spent a majority of her time in Hawaii.  Her background is in the Human Services Field and with a focus on school social work and mental health counseling.  She recently completed her Masters in Christian Counseling.  Seonaid serves in the role of church secretary and is part of the staff at Payette Lakes Middle School as an Intervention Paraprofessional.

Both Marc and Seonaid are active members of Bikers For Christ. Marc serves as a Chapter Elder. They enjoy participating in community events and activities. They are looking forward to the many opportunities McCall can provide and are blessed to make this beautiful area their new home.”